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Unifor Political Action Conference

Friday, September 29, 2017 - 19:00

Unifor was built to be a political force in Canada. Why, you ask? It is because politics affects every corner of our lives, from the rights we defend and gain for workers and their families, to how members of equity-seeking groups are included, heard and represented in our society, and so much more.

As a political union, we have already seen what our activism can do. Where right-wing governments have attempted to slash or sell off the public sector, Unifor has defended good jobs in health care and social services that we all depend on. Where anti-worker politicians have made empty promises to working people, Unifor has shown what their policies will really mean for our communities and our economy.

Our voice is a progressive counter-balance to the influence of the rich and of large multi-national companies. While big business is always focused on making a profit – our number one goal is to make sure people are respected and treated fairly. It’s about getting a fair share for workers!

Remember, weekends and holidays, same-sex benefits and so many other rights we now consider ‘normal’ didn’t exist until unionized workers demanded them. We’ve come a long way, but we must still fight for equal pay, for fair wages, for good public health care and child care and for so many other things that will make our communities healthier and stronger.

Unifor is political force. The union is a way to have your voice heard and stand up for everyday working people and their families. To find out more about our activism, write to