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Alterna closing at the DeHavilland Site

Alterna closing at the DeHavilland Site

To Whom It May Concern


Re: Credit Union and DH History


It is with great sadness that we will witness this partnership come to an end. The credit union has been part of DH for over 50 years. It is shameful that people will be replaced by a teller machine which cannot provide the customer service we are so use to be receiving. One has to wonder why? Why would a service that has worked well and has made so many happy, comfortable and familiar as family be taken away from our everyday lives. Shameful how corporations reduce their customer service for the mighty profit that seems never ending, unfortunately since other corporations act on this kind of behaviour we see more of the same followers and less of businesses promoting the BEST customer services. Shameful that we live and work in a society that human contact is no longer looked upon as an asset but a liability because we can squeeze more. Shameful and Sad.

We will miss the friendly faces or those that have been part of our workplace as I walk by and notice only a lump of metal in place of a Smile and a Hello.

In Solidarity

Mary Ellen McILmoyle

President, Unifor 673