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Take action to stop Bill 377


The conservative government’s anti-worker bill is back in front of the Senate.

This Bill interferes with Canadians’ freedom of association and the freedom of speech within the right to association, and is a direct attack on unions.

If passed, Bill 377 will interfere with unions’ ability to operate.

Take action

Let your Senator know that you do not support this bill and urge them to vote against it.


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Bill C-377 is titled An Act to amend the Income Tax (Labour Organizations). 

It was introduced by BC Conservative MP Russ Hiebert as a Private Members Bill on December 5, 2011 in to the House of Commons.

The Bill will require the income tax act to be changed to make it mandatory for all labour organizations to make available to the public detailed annual financial filings covering salaries, revenues, and expenses.

All this info would be posted to the CRA website. Currently our union finances are only available to our members.

The reporting requirement (disclosing, in separate detailed transactions above $5000) would cover all locals and national unions, labour councils, federation of labour and all other umbrella organizations.

Unions would be required to provide over 24 different statements, on different kinds of disbursements such as:

labour relations activities
political activities
lobbying activities
general overhead
collective bargaining activities
conference and convention activities
legal activities
organizing activities 

Fines for non-compliance would be $1000/day and up to $25000/yr