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Bombardier Aerospace

“Cyber Client” on-line feature regarding claims submitted to Industrial Alliance.

If you have not already registered you can call Industrial Alliance to get your Access Code at 1-877-422-6487.  Choose – “English”, “member” and “health representative” and you will be assisted to set up your cyber account on your computer. Once you have registered you can access your claim and payment history on-line.  Also, if you wish to have your claims paid by direct deposit you can register for this feature at the same time.  You will need your banking information. The website is now

In solidarity…

Mike Madore 

Bargaining Committee and Benefits Representative

Phone:  (416) 373-7391

Toll Free:  1-866-633-2821 ext. 37391

Fax:  (416) 373-7391

BA and unifor local 673 CA 2012-2015

Education Application for Unifor Local 673

2018 Bombardier UNIFOR Local 673 Retiree Update

2018 Bombardier UNIFOR Local 673 Retiree Update