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Unifor Local 673 President Messages

September 29, 2020

Greetings Member,

We hope you and your family are continuing to be safe and well. As we head into fall, we know this has brought new and different challenges for our members.  We are seeing cases start to rise again, and for many members, the challenges with the start of the school year have added worries to an already stressful time, our priority is ensuring our membership is safe.  We will continue to work with our Health and Safety reps, and our National Union to ensure that every possible safety measure is implemented. We want to remind you to access the supports and resources available to you through your Union.  We also want you to reach out to us with your questions and concerns.  Keep up to date by checking our website frequently as updated information is posted there as quickly as possible. 

Also, you can stay in touch through Unifor National with COVID updates Unifor Education Department encourages everyone to sign up and engage with experts to get urgent questions answered effectively We need to hear from members as to what they are seeing or facing so we can ensure we are taking steps to address those issues. Contact information for your Union reps can be found on the website.  Also, my email/cell phone/local address, can be found at the bottom of this email. 

It is a busy time at our local, but again, we are committed to responding to our members to ensure they are getting the representation they need in these unusual times.

For a significant number of our members working from home will continue for the foreseeable future.  Again, we are accessing National resources to help our members continue to work from home successfully and safely. Just because you are at home, does not mean that a safe and ergonomically proper work area goes out the window. 


Aerospace Sectors Bombardier, DeHavilland units

We continue to have real challenges in the Aerospace sector.  Your Local is working with the National on a strategic plan and we have reached out to employers to have conversations about how we can work with them to ensure they continue to be able to employ our members. The Unifor Aerospace policy developed in 2017 is still a relevant framework. Over the past few years our Local and myself have worked very hard to ensure that the recommendation and goals in the policy are met.  We have lobbied the government and participated in meetings and consultations on fair trade labour practices, workplace development, and government investment.  We build the best planes in the world, and we remind our government of that as often as we can. 

Many of you may have seen the Town Hall meeting for this evening hosted by Northcrest id8 Briefing, I am asking you to log on and comment if needed on what is being done with the Downsview lands. As of today the lands zoning remains unchanged and there are 3 different zonings under industrial employment on the Downsview lands  From the first Town Hall hosted by Northcrest and Canada Lands they have agreed a portion of the lands will remain employment lands. The city bylaws have yet to change however we do know that the airstrip will be available to us until 2023.and we are hoping that DeHavilland history will be considered and perhaps we can save a portion of that land for DeHavilland.

Please follow the link on how to attend tonight’s id8 Briefing 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm      



MDA Space Unit:

We started bargaining with MDA in July 2020, one of the longest sets of negotiations in our history ratifying on September 17, 2020. Many gains were made in Pension, wages, STD and LTD, vision, lead language, special severance, we held onto COLA and our defined pension plan. We were able to return work back to the bargaining unit and additional duties to our members. This was a tough set during a pandemic however everyone remains safe and healthy throughout. I would like to thank Tom Bunting, Michelle Skorupa and Sam Sniders for their commitment to their hard work.


Green Shield Canada Toronto Unit:

We have seen more work come to the unit and were successful in holding off any potential layoffs during the pandemic. We have sent out our proposal surveys with bargaining beginning in January 2021. As we are faced with many challenges our membership is determined to continue to make gains and one of those gains will be the ability to continue to work from home. Working with the National Research department and the ETOP council on how that may look. We continue to increase our membership in the IT department, we have a labour management meeting scheduled for next week.


Toronto Cricket Club TCC unit:

As you know we have been challenged in many areas with the TCC management, we have had much dialogue in order to right some of the grey areas and work on seniority and schedules that we believe were violated by the employer. We have made progress on many grievances and will continue to work on behalf of the membership. As this is a new unit and a first agreement it may appear things are slower than one would like however we are moving forward. The process of discussions, grievances and Arbitration takes time. We have been successful at the table on disciplines and return to work in seniority. We have additional dates of discussions with the Clubs department management. We will keep the membership updated as we finalize each item.


The Local Union office remains open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and we can be reached by calling 416-636-5767 to assist you, however we do require that arrangements be made ahead of time if you need to visit the office so we can ensure safe social distancing measures are in place.

In Peace, Solidarity and Appreciation
Maryellen McIlmoyle
President, Unifor 673
cell: (416) 500-7715
phone: (416) 636-5767
712 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, ON   M3K 1E2
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