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Unifor Local 673 Curling Team

Recreation Committee

David Dias (DH) Chairperson, Rob Couse (BA), Brian Wilson (BA), Dragan Radakovic (BA), Mike Madore (DH), President Maryellen McIlmoyle (DH).

Retiree Chapter Committee

Mary Forbes Chairperson, Maria Pinto Vice Chairperson, Richard Kratz Financial Secretary, Nancy Venditti Recording Secretary, President Maryellen McIlmoyle.

Toronto York Regional Council (TYRLC), Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

Mary Ellen McIlmoyle (TYRLC)
Jian Huang (TYRLC)
Rosy Tikaprasad (TYRLC)

Rosy Tikaprasad (OFL)
Mike Norman (OFL)

Mike Norman (CLC)

for more information please see Toronto York Regional Council, The Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress websites

Union Label Apparel Committee

Michael Norman (DH), Rob Couse (BA), Akash Shanghvi (BA), Mary Ellen Mcilmoyle Local President (DH)

Women's Committee

Tina Edmunds (DH), Rosy Tikaprasad (DH), Erica Warwick (DH), Darlene Sciarra (BA), Michelle Skorupa (MDA), Tricia Allen (DH), Maryellen Mcilmoyle Local President (DH)

Young Workers Committee

Martin Grochowski (BA), Steph Lafreniere (BA).