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Canada Town Hall on National Standards for Long Term Care

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 04:00

 Greetings to All, 

As part of a very important campaign across Canada we are encouraging you to join a Canada Town Hall on National Standards for Long Term Care.  Provincial health coalitions and dedicated hosts from Canadians 4 National LTC Standards, will explore what national standards for LTC mean for our provinces. 

This event is part of a Town Hall series hosted by Canadians4LTC and is building towards a National Day of Action for LTC Standards. Be sure to tune in to catch the exciting announcement about the Day of Action!

You'll be able to watch the town hall live on the Canadians4LTC youtube page. Click on the button below to tune in, 4pm EST and 1PM Pacific Time. 

Go to: Canadians4LTC live stream (this is  on youtube), you can also find this event on the Canadians4LTC facebook page.