Election Committee

The Election Committee runs all elections in our Local. They are responsible for ensuring that nominations and voting are run in a fair and equitable manner, in keeping with the guidelines in our By-Laws and the Unifor National Constitution. They are also responsible for ensuring that candidates are eligible to serve, and follow the rules for campaigning.

Policy regarding Local Union Elections

The rules in this Policy apply to all elections conducted by a Local Union including election of Local Union Executive Board Officers, Workplace Representatives, and delegates to National Conventions, Canadian Council, Regional Councils and Industry Councils.
policy regarding local union elections

Unifor Constitution

Unifor Constitution 2022

The objectives of Unifor are: In our workplaces
• To promote, conduct and safeguard collective bargaining and to strengthen practices of more broadly based bargaining, including coordinated and pattern bargaining.
• To regulate and improve wages, pensions and benefits, hours of work, employment security and working conditions through collective bargaining and political action.
• To protect and strengthen our rights at work.
• To strive for a safe and healthy work environment.
• To ensure fair treatment, dignity and respect at work.
• To make workplaces more democratic.
• To organize the unorganized.
• To strive for a safe workplace free of discrimination and harassment. For our members
• To ensure equality regardless of race, sex, age, creed, colour, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, political affiliation or place of origin.
• To guarantee that every member receives equal treatment under this Constitution.
• To create and preserve a safe environment free of discrimination and harassment.
• To ensure that our union is committed to the principles and practices of democratic unionism.
• To guarantee accountability and transparency in our decision making and our actions.
• To ensure that our union belongs to its members, is driven by their common objectives and provides ample opportunities for democratic participation.
• To ensure that our union reflects the diversity of our members and communities.
• To provide opportunities for education and development so that our members build awareness and analysis, get more involved in the union and their communities.
• To provide opportunities for workers not in regular employment situations to join our union. In our communities
• To fight for good jobs in our communities and throughout the economy.
• To provide support to those in need.
• To build our union’s presence in the community and encourage our members to be involved in all aspects of community life.
• To work in common cause with other progressives to promote social justice and environmental sustainability at a community level. Unifor Constitution
• To work on labour-based campaigns with other affiliates of Labour Councils.
• To encourage unorganized workers to join our union and be open to new members in our communities. In broader society
• To safeguard, protect and extend freedom, civil liberties, democracy and democratic trade unionism.
• To be broadly politically active at the municipal, provincial and federal levels and to mount issue-based campaigns.
• To fight for social and economic reform by giving priority to good jobs, equality and social justice.
• To protect and safeguard the health and safety of the planet by supporting the goal of an environmentally sustainable future.
• To build and unify the labour movement and to act in solidarity with other labour organizations in Canada and throughout the world with objectives similar to ours.
• To support and work in common cause with progressive organizations in Canada and around the world.
• To resist corporate globalization and provide alternatives to job-destroying trade deals and policies.
• To work to end war and contribute to world peace.