Benecaid report

– 21 Active members
-1 Contract worker
– 3 Agency workers
– 2 workers on LOA (Leave of absence) – No Grievances, No Layoffs.

Benecaid Health Benefits Solutions
Located at 185 the West Mall, was acquired by Green Shield Canada in 2020.

On March 1st, 2022 our first ever collective agreement was put into place.

Over the year we faced many challeges and all grew has part of the 673 local. Including Sara Moussette becoming the first ever unit chair running unopposed along with Union representative Thalia Chao.

While we have had no grievances, there have been several on going talks regarding management and agent treatment, working hours, overtime and several other issues. At this time, matters have been handled without grievances.

August 1st saw the launch of a new system in partnership with GSC, Call Advantage.

Finance, claims and customer care are all part of the bargaining unit. Recently, call center agents from CWI have also joined as part of our unit in December 2022.

In peace and soildarity, Sara Moussette,
Unit chairperson