Greetings and Happy New Year Members!

2022 brought us many challenges and opportunities of growth across all Local 673. We welcomed our newest members from Benecaid Health by March 2022, the workers were automatically unionized due to an agreement during our local negotiations in 2021 with Green Shield Canada who purchased the company in 2021.

Green Shield members seen an increase in expanding the membership, more opportunities to work from home has been possible and continues to satisfy our members.

MDA Space is developing the Canadarm3, an iconic, next generational Al-enabled robotic system in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency to tour the moon. MDA has not seen job increases of these levels in many years.

Bombardier had seen a fair share of layoff during the past few years, happy to report we have seen extensive call backs and new hires in the latter of 2022. We look forward to a prosperous year ahead.

De Havilland moved locations, we have a new home in Mississauga, we have seen a great deal of layoffs due to cease of operations of Longview and the de Havilland purchased brand. However optimistic, as we challenge through arbitration our rights within our Collective agreement. Sad to see the aircraft leave Ontario, but hopeful our members that remain, continue to achieve the Customer Service of excellence they so rightly deserve.

Toronto Curling, Skate & Cricket Club has ratified their second collective agreement at the end of 2022, seeing increases in wages and membership. We still have a lot of work ahead of us in 2023 however we are up to the challenges and look forward to breaking grounds on many issues important to you and your families.

2022 was a rejuvenating year, jumpstarting much of our local activities. It slowly returned us to socializing, in person gatherings such as the education and family centre in Port Elgin, councils and convention including the election of the first Woman National President of Unifor. We were able to introduce a hybrid work from home for many of our workplaces which benefited our members.

2023 we will endure new possibilities and yes challenges. Together we will make a difference in our workplaces and our communities. We will fight for our families, our members and for people whose voices are silenced or not heard. We will see increases in opportunities but most importantly we will triumph together with patience, love, and kindness. I know we have the ability to make this world a better place, and again together anything is possible, we are unstoppable.

Maryellen McIlmoyle
President, Local 673