Since the 2020 COVID pandemic outbreak, Canadians have experienced the global economic crisis and many other ill factors. The societies locked down and most people had to stay home. I am glad that Green Shield Canada did not lay off any members at that time. The members of GSC worked from home since then until 2022. Meanwhile, we finished our union negotiation with company in 2021.

The situation has become better this year. Ontario dropped the Covid restrictions and most business came back. We had to be in the office one day per month from April to July. Now we work in the office two days a week. The company offered the masks and other things to prevent the infection of virus.

As a chairperson, I faced the challenge of how to keep the members in our office. A couple of members resigned in 2022 because they bought a house far away from the office. They want more working days at home. I tried to let management understand this situation. We will have another negotiation for coming year.

Now Our Toronto office has 21 members, no grievances in 2022.
May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2023!

Watson Liu
Union Chairperson
January 6, 2023